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Banner can be placed at the header/footer or sidebars (left and right) of the website.

Specification for the banner:
1) 468×60 px (for placing poster at header)
2) 250×250 px (for placing it in right sidebars and bottom bar) [Width is fixed for the banner while length can be adjusted to certain limit]
3) 550 x 60 (for placing in each/individual posts) [width requirement is fixed while length can be adjusted]

Prices/3 months for sidebar banners are as follows
1) For one year: $ 100
2) For two years: $ 150
3) For three years: $ 250
4) For five years: $ 400

Advertisements in our posts will cost $ 3/post. If you select any specific post to display your advertisement, that particular post will not include any other advertisements. Also, this advertisement will be displayed without any expiry date.

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Payment Categories

After payment please send your banner to us. It will be displayed soon. The time period will be counted from the day your advertisement is placed on our website. In case the banner is not received by us time period will be counted after one month of the payment. So there is request from advertiser to send their banner son after making payment.