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How Google AdSense publishers get paid

AdSense payment is made either on monthly basis or after particular hold. Google don’t delay the payment if publishers exceed the threshold limit of payment. Payment threshold depends on type of currency chosen to display the AdSense earning in publisher account. For example, it is $100 for U.S. Dollars and €70 for Euro etc. The finalized earning can be little less than the live display of earning of last month. This is because Google validates the accuracy of earning at the end of each month which involves detailed activities on your account. Finalized earning is displayed on the account on 8th day of next month. If publishers crossed the payment threshold Google pay the publisher though their chosen way.

However, even after crossing the payment threshold payment can only be made if you have fulfilled the following 3 requirements.

  • Given Tax Information details
  • Process of address verification is complete
  • You have chosen the preferred payment method

Your Google AdSense “account setting” has option to fill these details.

There are five ways which can be chosen for getting payments by Google.

  • U.S. Dollar checks
  • local currency checks
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Western Union Quick Cash
  • Rapida

All of above payment options are not available to publisher from different countries. For example, in publishers from USA can opt for any of these options while in India payment is possible only through checks.

More on way of payment made to publishers in Country like India where payment is possible only through check. In India, Google send check through Blue Dart Courier. There is a payment hyperlink in your account which you can use to track AdSense check. Here you can get payment details containing payment number, payment amount, currency exchange rate and Blue Dart Tracking number. Blue Dart website ( can be used to track your delivery.

That’s it. Just get sufficient impressions and clicks to earn money and get paid.


Earning through open online designing projects

Designing is a skill many people are born with while many other acquire it. Designing is an hobby for many. People generally don’t choose designing as career although they are generally very much interested. Their education and university degree don’t allow them to consider it as full time career option. However you can earn extra money if you are really good in designing. There are many websites which offer designing projects where you can submit your designs. You will get paid if selected by the design seekers. Such projects work on the basis of Crowdsourcing. Following are the list of websites offering open design projects.

  6. (for t-shirt designs)
  7. (for t-shirt designs)

Hey guys, why are you waiting. Just submit your classic design to these websites and get paid.

We will come up with the review of these sites in future. So please subscribe to our RSS feed. All the best to you guys for getting shortlisted by the sponsors for your innovative ideas.

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Earning through Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing term was first coined by Jeff Howe in 2006. It is made up of two words – crowd and outsourcing. It is a type of outsourcing. Outsourcing is done for two reason – to outsource the required task to a place where more skilled individuals are present or where skilled labor is cheap.  All developed countries outsource their work to developing countries. The major difference between traditional outsourcing and crowdsourcing is that here there is no surety of getting paid.

A person in any need (sponsor) release an open call through a proper channel. These channels are accessible by a community (crowd) of people. Whosoever is capable to perform that work are free to contact the sponsor with  their solution. Its up to sponsor to recognize the solution suiting them. They reward the people who has given the solution. If there are more than one solutions then sponsor has rights to select best (can be more than one) among them. Others will not get paid for the solution. However if sponsor is not satisfied with any solution they can drop the call under certain condition.

Technology and design task are amog most popular field where Crowsourcing works best. This is because even an student/younger individual can give the best solution. Crowdsourcing also provide an opportunity to work in a group to solve the problem.

However there are controversy on the concept of Crowdsourcing. This is because the benefit a sponsor get from an idea is much more compared to the innovator. Many companies not hire regular employees for solution but they just give a open call through an online platform. It save lots of their money. However this type of innovation exchange are very helpful for small investors and also help in bringing down the price of their products. Similarly innovators (crowd) is not bound to give the solution and they can take these opportunities as part time job. They don’t have to depend on this. Its good if extra money is coming. Otherwise their skill will be wasted. This work best in design projects as many people are good designer but they don’t take it as profession. They can earn money by giving solution to design projects.

Internet is full of these opportunities. You can search for a platform where people are in need of your skills.


Get paid for your innovative ideas

Knowledge is the key for success in every field. Expertise in any field can be converted to lucrative sum of money. Your current profession doesn’t matter at all when it comes to the monetize your idea. There are number of online websites which give you this opportunity. These websites are act as interconnecting link between an idea and idea seeker (innovator and sponsor). Idea is with you and idea seeker needs it to for commercial benefit. You may not be able to monetize your idea by yourself because of many reason.  Your current profession, lack of investment money, lack of work force etc are few among the limitations. You should never feel helpless. Your knowledge will pay you. Following are the list of websites where you can come closer with buyer of your innovative ideas


Crowdsourcing is the main concept on which these websites works. Anybody in need of an idea/innovation ask it through these websites. All registered members  can access these requirements through their online interface. They also get regular email with details of required innovation in their field of expertise. All members are free to submit the entries and the sponsor will select best (can be more than one) among them. It also works in reverse order. You can put brief of your innovative idea. Sponsors can browse through your idea. They will contact you for full details if interested.

We will come up with the review of these sites in future. So please subscribe to our RSS feed. All the best to you guys for getting shortlisted by the sponsors for your innovative ideas.

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Strategies for successful advertising the site and earning at same time

Online advertisement can be an effective way to buy traffic at cheap rate (through placing advertisements) and sell it high (through ads). Google AdWords and Yahoo Overture are the most effective to drive traffic to any site. Both allow display of your ads on top of their search results. You can choose particular keywords for targeting visitors to your website. You have to pay certain price for per click.

1. Yahoo Overture: Yahoo Overture is the way of sponsored search which allows appearance of you ads on Yahoo and number of other search engines like Metacrawler, Dogpile, Excite, iVillage etc.

Choice of proper keyword is very important to drive traffic. Otherwise you will get non-targeted visitor who are not interested in your contents and it leads to lower profit. The frequency of the appearance of advertisements depends on how much advertiser is willing to pay for that particular keyword. However same keywords can be targeted for different prices. Certain keywords have a wide range of bid prices. If your site has content related to such keywords, you can use it to target new visitors. Distribution of prices for particular keyword varies with time.

Overture provides a way to see the current values of particular keywords. It shows how much company is paying for per click on that keyword. Whatever price you get from the advertiser when a visitor clicks on those ads, you will receive only a part of the part. There is always share of the Google and Yahoo, depending on whose network you are using. They never disclose how much their share is. However on average it around 22.5%. Therefore if you offer to pay 10 cents for a click to your site for particular keyword and show ads for $2.0, then you will make $1.45 for every click [(2-(0.10+0.45), here 0.10 is decided by you while 0.45 is Yahoo’s share]. It means that you will make profit of $1.45 for every 10 cents you spend. But this calculation assumes that every visitor is going to click on the ads. It is not the case. Generally only 3-5 % visitors click on the ads. Therefore you may be at lose or profit depending on the frequency of clicks. Bid of 10 cents per click will cost you $10 for every 100 visitors. Suppose only two visitor click on the ads then you will get only $2.9 ($1.45×2) in return. Therefore you should always look for keywords where you bid price while maximum bid price is very high. Otherwise you will be at losing.

2. Google AdWords: Google ads appear on the basis of bids. Your bids should be high enough to compete. You should bid the minimum possible per click to keep your profits high. However if you expect higher returns when a visitor come to your site then you can bid more.

Google keyword tool not only show current top bids on particular keywords but it also show top bids for other similar keywords. It provides a way to bring traffic with a particular keyword and send the outward traffic (via ad) through other related high paying keyword. Except this all other things are similar between Overture and AdWords.

Any network you use for advertisements, the price you pay to get the visitor should not be less than revenue generated from such visitor. To raise the interest of the visitor on those ads you can mention about those keywords (for which advertisements are shown) in your content. As you know the keyword for which ads is displayed you can easily do this. To bring the highest paying ads you have to target particular section of your website which can display those high paying ads. It is required as all sections of your site may not have the proper keywords with high earning potential. Also try to keep the ad unit as small as possible; larger ad unit will display more ads and the difference between their CPC (cost-per-click) may be huge. This may lead to wastage of the click value.