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What are the risks of using credit cards and how you can deter it?

There are 101 reasons to get a credit card, but also 101 reasons to hesitate. Of those 101, if you choose to get yourself a debit card instead, you give yourself one extra headache: when identity and credit card fraud thieves get at your debit cards, you lose your hard-earned cash from it. More than that, a debit card actually has less protection than a credit card itself. So we’ll explore the pros and cons of using credit and debit cards and identify the risks of being a credit card user.


For a credit card user who can’t help but overspend, it is always possible to make a request for a credit limit increase. For the debit card user, if you’ve overspent, you’ll probably have nothing left in your debit card account. The credit card user may find himself in debt, while the debit card user may find himself all out of cash.

Annual Fees

Most credit cards have annual fees. Some credit cards will waive annual fees, but only if the user will spend a certain amount of cash. Oftentimes, this will be a large amount of money since you are borrowing more. Debit cards, on the other hand, have more reasonable, even minimum annual fees but you are using your own money.

Interest Rates

Credit card interest rates are generally reasonable for customers with good credit. For those with bad credit, they may find that their interest rates are higher, even on secured credit cards. Debit cards do not have interest rates, as it is your cash in the account.

Risk for Credit Scams

Since both are run by the same credit card networks, both are at risk for credit scams and credit card fraud. A credit card has a better advantage because once reported, charges and transactions incurred through fraud can be reversed. Not only that, a credit card user is liable for only up to $50 of the charges. The credit card company can then work with him in reversing the fraudulent charges, he will only be held liable for a maximum of $50 for each card. But the victim can still expect to spend a sizable sum cleaning up the mess a thief leaves, not to mention the dent it may put in their credit score.

For debit card users, once stolen, they may never see their money again. There are debit card products that offer insurance for identity theft, but for most, it’s a tedious process to try and recover the stolen money. Oftentimes, the user just gives up because the process takes too long.

Either way, both a debit card and a credit card has its innate risks with its use. Both are vulnerable to identity theft attacks and scams, and both can be cause for financial ruin when an identity theft gets out of hand. However, one thing can solve the risks for both types of financial products: get credit monitoring.

Getting credit monitoring will allow you to discover a fraud attack on your accounts as they happen, and help you to deal with these, too. Knowing that your accounts are being used by somebody unscrupulous will help you to freeze your accounts and nip the theft right in the bud. Don’t wait for your credit check before finding out that you’ve been scammed! Knowing that you could be an ID theft victim anytime, any day is more than enough reason for you to monitor your credit. You don’t need any more reasons to monitor your credit other than that fact.

How to protect yourself from credit card fraud:

1. Don’t fall for phishing scams – Meaning, don’t open email from people you don’t know, and don’t click links from friends, unless they’re from websites you recognize. If the links lead to web pages asking for your info, close the tab or window immediately.

2. Don’t give out your SSN to just about anyone – Whether online or in real life, keep your SSN to yourself and to the institutions that require it, and keep your SS Card to yourself as much as possible.

3. Shred all your documents before you throw them into the trash – Trash theft is one major source of credit card and identity theft information. Keeping your documents shredded discourages trash thieves from being able to get and use your identity info.

4. Collect your mail as promptly as you can –This way, nobody can take a look at the credit card offers or pre-approved cards that come in your mail.

5. Be wary of online dates and even real-world dates – Some of the worst cases of identity theft and credit card fraud were committed by the romantic interests of its victims.

A credit card may come with a lot of risks, including credit card fraud, but it is no reason for you to shy away from getting one. Just gets credit monitoring and you can prevent it.

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Stop Losses and Stop Wins – How Can They Help?

Spread trading can be incredibly profitable and the possibilities to make vast amounts of money with correct trade management allow many traders to dramatically improve their lifestyles. The numbers of markets available through any single spread betting platform mean that there are literally thousands of possible trade set-ups each day. Whatever strategy you employ to spot profitable trading opportunities, one of the keys to becoming consistently profitable is the ability to apply stop losses and stop wins effectively with each trade.

So What Are They?

Stop losses can, and should, be applied to every trade that you open. They work by providing a safety net, or maximum loss level, in the opposite direction of your trade should things not work out as anticipated. Stop losses are simply opposing trades to the position that you take and can be calculated in different ways; including analysis of how much you can afford to lose on each trade and also where significant levels of support and resistance exist in the market. Stop losses should be placed close enough to the opening price to limit losses to their absolute minimum whilst not suffocating the trade and stopping it out to early.

Essential Items for Your Budget

Stop losses are essential for correct money management and to allow your account to grow consistently. Most successful spread betters follow strict rules for entering and exiting positions based on their money management techniques. One of the best and most widely used of these is the golden 2% rule; not risking more than 2% of your trading account on any single trade. This sounds very small but it will make sure that your account never gets hit with a single loss which will prevent you placing any further bets. This kind of financial control would mean that your stop loss is placed to risk no more than the 2% value of your account.

What About Stop Wins?

Alongside stop losses traders can also use stop wins to make sure that they close their positions profitably. Every trader knows the feeling of holding on to a winning position for too long, becoming greedy and expecting it to keep rising only for it to close out at break even or at a loss. Stop losses can be used with stop wins here to both protect profits (for example by moving the stop loss as the trade becomes profitable) and also by pinpointing a position in the market where a profitable trade will close out automatically. Stop wins are essentially the same as stop losses but instead of limiting losses they lock in profits.

About author: This article has been written by Tristan from and he is interested in how you can minimise losses and secure your profits with spread betting.


Custom Software Development: Importance in developing the business

With the use of different and latest technologies in our day to day life, the importance of custom software development has increased a lot. The use of laptops, computers, mobile phones, etc has increases very much as for everything these applications are requires. These technologies don’t just come up from somewhere; the developers have to design them as per the needs. These services are needed for simplifying the task, both in home and in office.

A software program helps the organization by taking the ideas, which are later changed into some kind of values. You might require some of these applications for your mobile phones as now days more work is done through these mobiles rather any other source. The mobile phone is a compact thing and everyone have them so it helps in easy execute, create recommendations and even checking the mails.

A fantastic software application can help a company in generating good amount of money. These applications are not for free, the developer charges a good amount of money for building the ideas. These software developers are very good in their work; they design the applications in a way that you get the best results as per your needs. These applications give you the mental peace as they work according to your needs and preference. Custom software development can help you not only in field of mobiles, but also in different other areas.

When you require anything for your organization, you look out at internet and on other web; you do this work for the betterment of your company. You might require a new databases set up or a personalized resource manager, so selecting someone to assist you in creating your idea in the practical way so that your organization runs much more smoothly and quickly. It’s also depends on how you keep the past track records of the functions used by the company.

A Mobile Application Development company is the best possible method of getting all the sources you need or to bring that new system in your organization. If anyone wants to purchase anything from the online website, then it’s important to do proper research about the product.  There are many service centers which provide good custom software programs at good value, so it best to research about them and select the best one for accomplishing the goals of your business. Some companies also provide these services at reasonable rates so that everyone can use the facilities. These programs provide the best solutions for everything and help in better growth of the companies by providing better results.

Author Bio: Anna person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various topics, for more information you can check her other blogs.


Splendid Benefits of Mobile Marketing

For several reasons of promoting communications, Mobile marketing might be best known to as using a bit of content of mobile technology. In several nations, the transmission rate for mobile phones is nearby the 100% level. The expansion in this particular sector makes great deal of modifications within their awareness and contains designed to buy best mobile marketing machines review for companies. According to ITU (Worldwide Telecommunication Union), you will discover around 5.3 billion mobile phones worldwide. Through next season, near 8 trillion texts are required to become exchanged. Additionally, 3 million mobile websites are actually created till date. Clearly, this is often a segment very couple of people can ignore any more.

Mobile marketing – A highly effective recruiting tool used well to boost sales, will discover a large amount of benefits like:

An agreeable audience – It is a unique kind of marketing to start with, that’s rarely shared.  This kind of selling allows mobile clients that are generally fast and respond positively for the received messages.

An organized 2 way communication – Mobile clients have an overabundance options to SMS marketing campaigns than people of TV audiences or newspaper site visitors. They could send quick replies with a short code number and acquire quick response as a swap too.  These marketing campaigns have switched being more interactive plus much more mindful to people demands.

Sudden Implementation – To acquire a beginning, printing of smart colorful flyers, pricey mobile shootings or celebrity voices, is not anymore needed. A simple SMS writing campaign will precede since the beauty is always to have the instant final results of the campaign.

Easy integration together with other media channels – Well, it’s fairly simple to integrate mobile marketing campaigns with media channels like TV, radio, print and email. You are therefore allowed to create multiple campaigns that offer the leeway to effective advertising.

Precise database – People care much more about keeping their mobile amounts for substantially extended period than email or physical addresses that rather continues changing once in some time. It brings precision and success for the campaigns.

Easy illustrate – It is possible to track mobile marketing campaigns. That is mainly due to solar energy and ability for clients to retort directly and instantly. Furthermore, technology-not just to trace the strength of other marketing channels like Radio or television by plus a direct response positive approach utilizes a cell phone number.

Stay with the important techniques of fastweb business and receive the best mobile marketing techniques whether it’s an advertising and marketing campaign generally or possibly an occupation you’ll be able to really make headway through it. Many people are now able to open their businesses though with the help of mobile marketing. Today, just about anything can be achieved making use of your mobile phones. E.g. it’s open to use the internet, finish up if you are lost somewhere in addition it’s also simple to identify your lost phone.  Hence, mobile marketing is not an inspired regarded as effective.

Author Bio: Anna Cleanthous writes about the persistence of your IT business with some appealing facts and prospects related fastweb business formula.


Is Outsourcing Your Business Accounting the Right Choice?

Tax Return and Calculator

Many small business owners mistakenly believe that they cannot afford to outsource their accounting operations. This may not be the case in all situations, so if you have previously thought of outsourcing as an unnecessary expense, you may want to think about it again. There are several advantages of outsourcing accounting functions including:

  • Making sure your bookkeeping needs are handled by experienced professionals
  • Freeing yourself up to do marketing and sales
  • Ensuring the proper withholding amounts are taken care of for your employees
  • Reduce the need to hire additional staff members

How to find an Accounting Firm

Before you decide to outsource your accounting work, it’s a good idea to do your homework. Talk to other small business owners who outsource their accounting to find out if they can recommend a Certified Public Accountant for you to use. Check this individual’s reputation by inquiring with the Better Business Bureau before contacting them in person.

Trusting your intuition is the best way to feel confident that you have chosen the right accountant. Talk to this person so you can get a better idea of how he or she operates their accounting practice. Be sure to let the accountant know a little bit about your business management style so you can determine if you are a good fit for each other.


Since cost is often a huge factor in determining whether to outsource your accounting needs, it’s important to know how much you are spending for this service now. This can be easy to do if you already have a bookkeeper on your payroll, but what if you primarily take care of this yourself? In this case, it can be helpful to maintain a log of your accounting activities for an entire month. That way, you can see if there are certain times of the month where this activity is especially time-consuming, and therefore standing in the way of you accomplishing other things. Once you start maintaining a log, you could be surprised to find out how much time you actually spend on this chore.

Starting Small

One way to know if outsourcing your business accounting tasks is a good idea is to “test the waters.” Start small by turning over functions such as payroll or month-end reports in the initial stage. That way, you can determine if you truly notice a time and cost savings from outsourcing these tasks. It will also give you a better idea of how well your business needs are taken care of by the accounting firm you have chosen.

Once you are happy with the results on a small scale, you are ready to trust an accounting firm with more responsibility. Try allowing them to maintain your bookkeeping functions or prepare financial reports. Never commit to more than you are comfortable with, since your business is your livelihood. Be sure to ask questions any time you are unfamiliar with the methods used to track your company’s finances.

Many accounting firms successfully manage bookkeeping and payroll functions for large and small businesses alike. In recent years, small business owners have begun to recognize the fact that they are sometimes unable to manage all the aspects of running a business on their own. If you are in this situation, outsourcing your accounting needs could be the right answer to ensure your company’s success.

About Author: Sandra Powers is a freelance blogger who writes about higher education. Sandra recommends that business-people interested in furthering their careers learn more about the degree options available to them.