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How Much Could Your Injury Be Worth?

If you’ve just fallen over a loose paving stone in the street or been hit by falling boxes at work you may be more interested in getting your injury seen by a doctor than anything else. But when you’re all fixed up wouldn’t you like to know what you could potentially gain from the situation? Namely cold hard cash? Luckily there is an entire industry of legal experts dedicated to making sure you get full and fair recompense for your unfortunate situation, especially if it was entirely not your fault. They can fight your corner against whoever it is that hold responsibility for your industry and get you compensation.

How much however depends on the severity of the injury.   Here are some typical injuries and how much they are effectively worth:   Bang on the Head   There are many situations where you might receive a knock on the head; you may work on a building site where you weren’t given a hard hat; you could get hit by some dodgy shelving put up in a shop; you could even get hit by falling debris from a roof on your high street.

  • A minor head wound could get you between £1,500-7,000. Some minor brain damage could mean you are owed £8,000- 23,500. And severe brain damage would mean you could stand to gain £155,000-220,000.

Injured Fingers We all use our fingers no matter what job we do (try and think of one where you don’t) so it is inevitable that your fingers are highly likely to get hurt in an accident. They could get burned in a kitchen; maybe crushed in a factory or even chopped off on a farm.

  • By injuring your fingers you could be due compensation anywhere from £1,000 all the way up to £75,000.

Neck and/or Back Injury Car accidents are one of the most common ways for people to injure themselves or indeed to get injured through no fault of their own. And amongst car accidents getting rear-ended is the most likely thing to cause neck or back injuries.

  • A whiplash style neck injury or even in severe cases a neck fracture would mean that your compensation might be between £1,000 and £250,000. So you better check your brake lights. Back injuries can also occur during car accidents as well as other physical work related situations (e.g. lifting heavy stuff) whereupon you may be able to claim between £4,250 and £93,000.

Now this is certainly not an excuse to go looking for accidents and a quick pay day, but it is a reminder that if you are unlucky enough to get hurt in one of these common ways, you will know the sort of compensation you could be in line for.

About Author: Debbie Fuller is a personal injury claims solicitor. She uses a personal injury calculator to work out what claims may be worth.


Is Forex Effective?

In the current economic situation that we find ourselves in, Britain for example has just entered a double dip recession, finding places to invest your money is become increasingly difficult.  Consequently markets outside of the traditional stocks and shares markets have expanded, especially as many of them allow you to sit in the comfort of your own home and invest.  This has led to a flurry of websites giving people the best chance to invest their money.  Forex is one of the systems that has seen a rise in popularity, but it is an effective investment tool or one that should be used with caution?

Understanding The Risks

Forex certainly can be an effective way of making money, but as in many cases with financial tools similar to stocks and shares there is a risk involved.  This means that you need to ensure that you have a large amount of capital before you begin forex trades.  Many forex accounts will give you the opportunity of taking a demo account and practising with ‘fake’ money before you decide to invest in the real thing.  With this practice behind you, you will want to know where the best place to start is.  If you are risk adverse then stick with the well-known currencies, the US Dollar and the British Pound do not fluctuate at the levels other currencies.  It is important to remember that with currencies such as the GBP and USD your chances of making large amounts of money are low, unless there is a major change in the markets.  Consequently these currencies can be used for a steady flow of income if you are prepared to risk large amounts of capital on a trade, or to steadily improve you funds before moving onto riskier currencies.

Making Money

If you are sure that you want to invest in forex and have the capital to do so, then taking on riskier currencies will give you the chance to make big amounts of money.  This is when forex is at its most effective, and it can land you with huge profits overnight.  For example you could decide to invest in the South African Rand, a currency that is riskier than the USD or GBP, then you may find that your results are far more appealing than any other currency you previously invested in.  Obviously whilst this is the case you need to remember that forex is a tool which you need to take time with.  Although at some points you may be making large amounts of money, you need to be prepared to lose some of your capital at points.  This is part and parcel of many investments, and you need to remember that forex is not a get rich quick scheme.  Investing in risky currencies is just that, risky, but it does give you the best opportunity of landing a profit.

Forex is effective and is without doubt a great way of making money, what you need to remember before any trade is that you are not guaranteed a profit.  Forex is a risky investment, and without strong knowledge of the currency markets you may find that your initial investment is soon wiped out.  With the right attitude, and with a solid amount of research you can be sure that forex will work for you, but as we have already discussed you need to be prepared for the fact that forex is not a get rich quick deal!

About Author: This article has been written by James who is interested in how you can make money from a forex trading account without risking all your investments.


How to Get the Best Business Insurance

In this period of financial uncertainty, businesses large and small need to ensure their costs are as low as they possibly can be, therefore aspects such as insurance must be researched well to ensure you are getting the best deal. If you are looking for business insurance, there are a few things you can do to drive down the premium.


If you have been using the same insurance company for years on end, now is the time to shop around and see if you are really getting the best deal. Companies will often tell you that you are receiving a discounted rate for renewing your policy with them, but this still may not be the best rate so go online and see what other insurers have to offer. Business owners are usually very busy people therefore the ease of renewing with the same company can often be tempting, but taking just a little bit of time could save you hundreds.


When it comes to insurance that protects the commercial properties against damage and theft, you need to make sure you are able to actively show that you have taken measures to avoid such occurrences from happening. Physical security products such as roller shutters and window grilles are a great place to start and many insurance companies will ask you about them. Fire shutters are another good installation and can also affect your insurance costs.


If you have been renewing the same policy for years on end, it is now time to assess the information and ensure the features of your policy along with what elements of your business it covers are still relevant. Go through your current policy carefully and ensure you are only covered for what you really need. Businesses waste hundreds every year through having irrelevant insurance policies so you could be in for a pleasant surprise!

Study the Excess

Whilst we all hope that we will not need to call upon our insurance, the fact is that this is a real possibility and therefore you need to make sure it isn’t just the premium that’s low, it is also the excess amounts. Many insurers offers the facility to set your own premium so think carefully as obviously the higher the excess amount, the lower the premium and vice versa.

If you are looking to get a great deal on business insurance, you need to be prepared to put in the groundwork and take steps to protect your premises effectively to prevent incidents in the first place.

About Author: Sophie works alongside CR Security Shutters and understands just how important the presence of high quality roller shutters and other security products can be when searching for low cost business insurance.


Top Five Must have Shopping App

Being fashion savvy in the ‘noughties’ exudes an unlikely mishmash of cultures. With modern methods such as online shopping more popular than ever before, contrastingly, the demand for modern produce is less sought after than you would imagine, with ‘vintage’ trends making a strong comeback of late. Whatever your style, the following apps are tried and tested to assist you in your purchasing quests, from the mundane to the bizarre!

1.Pocket auctions for eBay

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Simple, clear-cut and efficient, allowing eBay addicts to shop, bid and check current auctions in real time, any time of day! Somewhat more user friendly/compatible  than the ebay mobile app which is aimed specifically at android phones.

Compare prices, browse and buy – all while on the go! With all the classic features of the online store including access to wishlists and shopping cart, Amazon mobile is a must have for serious online shoppers! Its also great for gift buying, if you’ve got friends with hen parties abroad then use it to spy those great bargains so you can splurge when you get there!

3. Good Guide

Currently only available for use in the US, the Good Guide app brings a whole new dimension to virtual shopping. Including a barcode scanner, ratings and a wealth of useful information on how to shop eco-consciously, although far from perfect in its early stages, an app of this kind has tons of potential thus is definitely one to watch out for in the future.

4. Card Star

Fantastic plastic managing! By scanning the bar codes of your favorite store loyalty cards, the idea is that the barcode will then be saved onto your mobile device, making it more convenient and accessible, cutting out the burden of attempting to carry and locate each individual card for every separate purchase you make. Clever, no?  We’re inclined to agree. With other great features such as access to offers and promotions plus a contact and store locator, the app is great in theory if not for the convenience factor alone. However, as it currently stands, Card Star has a long way to go, as many cards/bar codes are not yet supported.

5. Find Chocolate!

Quite simply a necessity for chocoholics worldwide! The premise of the app is quite simple: craving chocolate? Find it, fast!By tracking your current location in order to generate a list of nearby chocolate shops, the app makes use of maps and local info to help pave the way for chocolate lovers everywhere. In a word? Genius.

So ladies, if you’re serious about your retail therapy habit, these little gems are sure to come in handy. From food fanatics to fashion junkies; take your pick, choose wisely, and prepare to shop ‘til you drop!

About Author: This post was written by Rebecca from Chillisauce Hen and Stag Parties event company who specialize in stag weekends in Europe.


Getting a Mortgage when Others Can’t

Another year has come, and the stringency of bank loans is getting tougher. Less people are qualified because of loss of jobs and other unfortunate events, and even the people who are qualified are having trouble keeping up with the requirements of the banks. According to the present mortgage market conditions, people about the age of 50, self-employed buyers, and first time buyers are all going to begin to find it to be even more difficult to be able to pull a loan and get new lines of credit to get a new home in their names.

People who are self-employed will find it near impossible to find a home loan because of the crunch on self-certified mortgage loans – this is because of new government interference to who banks loan money to. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t plan for the best and hope for it too when you’re trying to find your new home no matter what category you fall into when it comes to employment or age.

Know your credit score up and down. Good credit is just a number, but with the increasingly difficult bars to jump when it comes to getting a loan, the items on your credit have become more important in the past few years. For example, if you have a loan you defaulted on awhile ago, even if your credit has recovered the bank can still hold that default against you – and they will if it means they think you’re a risk. You can order a free copy of your credit report from any credit agency, and there are online websites that help get you your score for free from a certain credit agency as well. If you want a good rate, you’re going to need a credit score of above 720 along with a pretty clear credit report.

Know exactly how much you can afford. If a lender hands you a $400,000 loan, that doesn’t mean you have to use all of it, and using less of it can actually save you in payments, interest rates, an d length of loan in the long run. Figure out what you can afford by tucking an estimated payment amount every month for six months to see if you can live comfortably on what remains. If you can, then you should be able to afford that payment and thus whatever amount you related to that payment – but don’t overshoot for more just because you find a feature in a house you like.

Consider your current debt to the monthly income you take (or your DTI). This is just how much debt you have compared to how much income you have, and it often affects your credit score. If the lender sees a high DTI score, sometimes he won’t loan to you at all. If he does loan to you, it will be at a higher interest rate or you will be offered a lower loan amount instead. Your debt can be credit cards, but also your DTI number includes car loans and student loans as well. If you want to lower your DTI, just start paying off your debt – plus this will free up more money for a mortgage payment every month anyway.

If you’re a struggling homeowner or perspective homeowner, find some professional help. There are also a number of loans you can acquire through different means other than just banks, and this could also be beneficial if you’re trying to buy your first home. Explore your options, and usually you can find one that will fit your financial situation so you can move into the home you want.

Author’s Bio: Valerie Anne B. Reyes is a freelance writer. She writes guest posts on personal finance websites, particularly those dealing with debt consolidation companies.