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Top Paying PPC (Pay Per Click) Programs

PPC programs provide an opportunity for earn money to the publishers. Ads can be placed on the website though these programs. There is no need to search for the advertisers related to the niche area. Publishers get paid whenever a visitors click on those ads. A particular ad is displayed on the website when it is relevant to the products or services of the advertiser. Advertisers generally bid on keywords relevant to their target market. PPC programs operate under two criteria CTR (click-through-rate) and CPC (cost-per-click). CPC vary from advertiser to advertiser. Some pay very high, while others relatively very low. Ads from the particular advertiser appear only when your web content has the relevant keywords set by the advertisers. Some ads like Chitika ads appear mainly when people come to your site though search engine and the ads appears match with their search term. PPC program has potential to earn even more than millions per month.

There are two models which decide the CPC – flat-rate and bid-based. In both case advertiser has full right to decide the value of their clicks. Advertisers also consider the value of visitor coming to them after clicking. If the visitors are going to give them big returns for long term, the price of CPC will naturally be more. Therefore some ads related to education and finance pay more compared to digital devices.

Five top paying PPC programs are Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN), Microsoft adCenter(MSN AdCenter) publisher affiliate program and Chitika affiliate and Kontera affiliates.


Dating Affiliate Programs offering higher earning potential to bloggers

There are many ways by a website owner can earn the money. One of the popular way is through affiliates network. The web publisher can place the link of their affiliates on their site. Dating affiliates offer high click through rate and the web owner earn quick money by this.
Following are the list of best dating affiliates programs offering high earning.
1) Cupid plc: It offers four type of affiliate programs
a) Pay per lead program: Every signup you generate can earn you up to $16. The better the traffic the more you make.
b) Pay per sale program: One can earn up to $111 for each and every paid membership.
c) Percentage Program: This is the best of both worlds, combining per-lead and per-sale payouts. Get an amazing 90% from each and every sale and add our bonus for each confirmed registration.
d) Referral Program: Other webmasters can be encouraged to join through this program. 5% of everything a new webmster earn will be credited to the referrer.
2) Dating Factory: This is also a very popular dating affiliate program giving high returns.


Write sponsored reviews to earn money

Sponsored review is one of the popular way to earn through blogs. There are number of marketplaces which gives the opportunity to write sponsored posts on varied range of topics. The adoption of this idea depends on the willingness to get paid for writing blog post (related to specific products and websites). If the blog has a big fan list one can contact the advertiser directly to cut down the commissions of middleman. Following are the list of popular networks offering sponsored reviews and paid blogs. Opt any of these and start earning. Advertisers can also join these program for wide publicity of their products or website.


Bloggers can Earn Money through PPC Advertising Networks

There are various way by which you can earn money through your website. However earning depends on popularity of your blog which indicates the number of visitors to your blog. PPC is one of the most popular way to earn money through blogs/websites.

PPC stands for pay per click. If the number of visitors to your website is more, the probability of clicks is more. CTR (Click Through Rate) decide the earning through this method. However there is one more aspect to this and that is CPC (Cost Per Click). Getting clicks on different advertisements placed on your website doesn’t lead to same earning. Some advertiser like educational and financial pay more (even$ 1 for single click) per click while others (few cents). The probability of clicking is most when advertisement is related to the theme of the blog and it is properly blended into the theme of the blog. The advertisements are generally displayed through affiliate network which display the advertisements related to the theme of your blog. Theme will decide the high or low earning advertisements which you cannot control.

The following are the most popular advertising networks in this categories.


Ways to Earn Money through Subscription and Membership

If the blog is informative and people find it useful, then one can earn money through subscription and membership. Following are the most popular ways to earn money by these ways.

  • Premium contents: Blogs can be very specialized and one can charge their visitors to access premium contents. Limited contents may be made freely available while premium contents can be accessed only by paid members. One can decide their own membership fee. Membership can be granted for month, year or life time. Eg. SEOMoz.
  • Private forum: Blog can include private forums to discuss various issues. One can charge membership fee to join these forums. The basic requirement to get members is real quality contents which encourage members to join forums. Eg. SEO Blackhat, Performancing.
  • Mentoring programs: People are generally willing to pay for knowledge and guidance. You can earn money in exchange of your expertise in any area. Few popular categories for which people look for guidance are teaching and finance. Eg. Teaching Sells Program of Copyblogger.
  • Offering Consultancy: If you have expertise in any area it will be visible through your blog posts. You can offer consultancy in your niche area on payment. Eg Chris Garrett