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Top Five Must have Shopping App

Being fashion savvy in the ‘noughties’ exudes an unlikely mishmash of cultures. With modern methods such as online shopping more popular than ever before, contrastingly, the demand for modern produce is less sought after than you would imagine, with ‘vintage’ trends making a strong comeback of late. Whatever your style, the following apps are tried and tested to assist you in your purchasing quests, from the mundane to the bizarre!

1.Pocket auctions for eBay

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Simple, clear-cut and efficient, allowing eBay addicts to shop, bid and check current auctions in real time, any time of day! Somewhat more user friendly/compatible  than the ebay mobile app which is aimed specifically at android phones.

Compare prices, browse and buy – all while on the go! With all the classic features of the online store including access to wishlists and shopping cart, Amazon mobile is a must have for serious online shoppers! Its also great for gift buying, if you’ve got friends with hen parties abroad then use it to spy those great bargains so you can splurge when you get there!

3. Good Guide

Currently only available for use in the US, the Good Guide app brings a whole new dimension to virtual shopping. Including a barcode scanner, ratings and a wealth of useful information on how to shop eco-consciously, although far from perfect in its early stages, an app of this kind has tons of potential thus is definitely one to watch out for in the future.

4. Card Star

Fantastic plastic managing! By scanning the bar codes of your favorite store loyalty cards, the idea is that the barcode will then be saved onto your mobile device, making it more convenient and accessible, cutting out the burden of attempting to carry and locate each individual card for every separate purchase you make. Clever, no?  We’re inclined to agree. With other great features such as access to offers and promotions plus a contact and store locator, the app is great in theory if not for the convenience factor alone. However, as it currently stands, Card Star has a long way to go, as many cards/bar codes are not yet supported.

5. Find Chocolate!

Quite simply a necessity for chocoholics worldwide! The premise of the app is quite simple: craving chocolate? Find it, fast!By tracking your current location in order to generate a list of nearby chocolate shops, the app makes use of maps and local info to help pave the way for chocolate lovers everywhere. In a word? Genius.

So ladies, if you’re serious about your retail therapy habit, these little gems are sure to come in handy. From food fanatics to fashion junkies; take your pick, choose wisely, and prepare to shop ‘til you drop!

About Author: This post was written by Rebecca from Chillisauce Hen and Stag Parties event company who specialize in stag weekends in Europe.


A Guide On Buying Retail Hangers

Deciding on the appropriate hangers for your retail store can be a more challenging process than you may think. Because the retail industry is now very competitive and the hangers you choose can convey a lot about your store, it is very important to choose the right hangers, particularly since brand and business image are increasingly more important. When you are choosing hangers for your retail shop, you should consider the various types of hangers available, how they fit with your brand and business image, and how they will assist customers. You want to make sure you make a good impression on your customers.


Wooden hangers are a popular and frequently chosen type of hanger. There are many benefits to using wooden hangers. They keep clothing properly spaced, convey a high quality impression, and can last for many years due to their durability. In addition, they are the heavier of the other types of hangers and are less likely to fall to the floor while being used to hang clothing. Wooden hangers are beneficial for delicate fabrics because it is gentle and smooth on delicate material. This means items will be less prone to damage. They are available in a range of colors and woods and you can them in forms as contemporary, classic, slim, heavy-weight, and more. Wooden hangers definitely add charm to a store.


Plastic hangers are another popular hanger choice for retail. They are a cost-efficient choice if you have a large store with hundreds or thousands of garments. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting plastic hangers. With heavy garments such as winter coats, you will need a strong acrylic or plastic hanger. Quality of the hanger is important when choosing hangers for a specific purpose. It is better to get a quality plastic rather than a cheap flimsy plastic that can break apart easily.


Satin hangers are often chosen for delicate fabrics such as lace and silk. The satin helps to prevent damage to the fabric.  Lingerie is often hung on satin hangers. Consumers will often choose to pay a bit more for clothing that are hung on satin hangers. It makes clothing look even more appealing and it emphasizes high quality. Positive presentation is a key selling point in the retail industry.

Quality garment hangers are used for any and all types of home businesses and retailers. You can find top hangers of many types on retail supply store websites that includes heavy-weight dress hangers, wood hangers for available in walnut, natural wood, and teak. As well, you can get hanger accessories such as stock hanger stackers and foam hanger covers. When you shop on an online retail supplier site, you will benefit from an easy and convenient way to find the exact hangers you need for your retail store. As well, the prices tend to be lower than traditional retail supplier shops because they do not have the overhead costs. Today, because the hangers you choose can say a lot about your store and the retail industry is very competitive, it is important to choose the right hangers that fit your needs and overall store’s impression. 

This article was written by WR Display, a Canadian suppliers of hangers, displays, and other retail supplies.