Bloggers can Earn Money through PPC Advertising Networks

There are various way by which you can earn money through your website. However earning depends on popularity of your blog which indicates the number of visitors to your blog. PPC is one of the most popular way to earn money through blogs/websites.

PPC stands for pay per click. If the number of visitors to your website is more, the probability of clicks is more. CTR (Click Through Rate) decide the earning through this method. However there is one more aspect to this and that is CPC (Cost Per Click). Getting clicks on different advertisements placed on your website doesn’t lead to same earning. Some advertiser like educational and financial pay more (even$ 1 for single click) per click while others (few cents). The probability of clicking is most when advertisement is related to the theme of the blog and it is properly blended into the theme of the blog. The advertisements are generally displayed through affiliate network which display the advertisements related to the theme of your blog. Theme will decide the high or low earning advertisements which you cannot control.

The following are the most popular advertising networks in this categories.


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