Earn money with Chitika Premium and Chitika Select Ads

Chitika is an online advertising network founded in 2003 which selectively display the advertisements on the website of publishers. It is one of the largest search-targeted advertising networks and offers  higher eCPMs compared to Google AdSense. The biggest advantage of Chitika is that it knows when not to show an ad. Chitika targets users based on online search activity, session analysis, and affinity to specific offers, promotions and adverts. At present it serve over 650 million search-targeted ads per month. More than 34,000 websites are associated with Chitika to sever over 2 billions ads per month. Chitika Premium ads can only be seen by visitors from US and Canada which are coming from a search engine. You can follow the following step to preview the Chitika Premium ads before placing it on your website.

1. Logged in to the Chitika.

2. Get Chitika Premium Ad code with your preferred settings.

3. Place the Chitika Premium Ad code on your webpage.

4. Write url of your website (or any webpage) followed by #chitikatest=keyword and press enter key

5. Your ad will be displayed in the browser. This will mimic the condition of a visitor coming through search engine to find the relevant information. Eg. suppose somebody is searching for a keyword “money” on any search engine and directed to this page of the site. To see the ad appeared in that case you can type “http://finance.blogorganization.com/earning-tips/earn-money-with-chitika-premium-ads#chitikatest=money” in the web browser and press enter. Suppose the visitor is coming to this page after searching for keyword “Premium Ads” in search engine then to see the ad in that case you can use link “http://finance.blogorganization.com/earning-tips/earn-money-with-chitika-premium-ads#chitikatest=earning“. Same principle applies to ads appeared on any webpage or website.

3. Press (Ctrl + R) to refresh the display of advertisements.

Earning through Chitika is best when traffic is mainly coming from search engines. Chitika offer two types of ad units – Chitika | Select and Chitika | Premium. Chitika | Select choose when and when not to show an ad. Chitika | Premiuma ad is shown only when traffic is coming from the search engine in US and Canada. The Chitika | Select ads may or may not be relevant to your content – however you can be sure that they are relevant to the user. Chitika | Select technology will determine the likelihood of whether an ad is a good match for that user or not. Earning through the traffic outside US and Canada is possible through Chitika | Select ads.


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