Earning through Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing term was first coined by Jeff Howe in 2006. It is made up of two words – crowd and outsourcing. It is a type of outsourcing. Outsourcing is done for two reason – to outsource the required task to a place where more skilled individuals are present or where skilled labor is cheap.  All developed countries outsource their work to developing countries. The major difference between traditional outsourcing and crowdsourcing is that here there is no surety of getting paid.

A person in any need (sponsor) release an open call through a proper channel. These channels are accessible by a community (crowd) of people. Whosoever is capable to perform that work are free to contact the sponsor with  their solution. Its up to sponsor to recognize the solution suiting them. They reward the people who has given the solution. If there are more than one solutions then sponsor has rights to select best (can be more than one) among them. Others will not get paid for the solution. However if sponsor is not satisfied with any solution they can drop the call under certain condition.

Technology and design task are amog most popular field where Crowsourcing works best. This is because even an student/younger individual can give the best solution. Crowdsourcing also provide an opportunity to work in a group to solve the problem.

However there are controversy on the concept of Crowdsourcing. This is because the benefit a sponsor get from an idea is much more compared to the innovator. Many companies not hire regular employees for solution but they just give a open call through an online platform. It save lots of their money. However this type of innovation exchange are very helpful for small investors and also help in bringing down the price of their products. Similarly innovators (crowd) is not bound to give the solution and they can take these opportunities as part time job. They don’t have to depend on this. Its good if extra money is coming. Otherwise their skill will be wasted. This work best in design projects as many people are good designer but they don’t take it as profession. They can earn money by giving solution to design projects.

Internet is full of these opportunities. You can search for a platform where people are in need of your skills.


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