Sharing Knowledge on Internet and Earning Money in Return – A step by step guide

Knowledge is the greatest asset anybody can have. Everybody gain experiences and knowledge during course of their life journey. Knowledge should not be dumped at a place, it should be properly circulate;d so that it can help improving life of other people (specially new generations). This is the main reason which drive people to share knowledge. There are two hindrance in the process – first is ignorance of the ways to spread  knowledge and second is time factor. Many people hesitate to do it because of no return (in term of personal gain) despite giving lots of time.

Everybody knows that internet is one of the best way to circulate knowledge.  In this article following topics is covered
I. Free vs Paid ways to share knowledge
II. Different ways to earn money after using above two ways

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I. Free vs Paid ways to share knowledge

The basic requirement of any of these services is availability of your content over internet without any interruption of the services.

Free services:

1. Creating Blogs: Knowledge can be shared on many free platforms. These are webservers and website that offer opening of own personalized blog. The popular among this category is WordPress and eBlogger. Both platforms are index in all search engines and have higher ranking in the web searches. Therefore both has capacity to drive targeted traffic to the quality contents. Beside WordPress and eBlogger, there are other options as well like BigAdda.

2. Creating webpages: There are websites which offer creation of webpages which become immediately available after submitting/publishing. Squidoo and Hubpages are the most popular in this category. Beside this there are many article directory in which you can write and publish your article in different categories. The comprehensive list of website offering article submission can be found at Blog Organization.

Although the above services are free but almost all come with limitations. It provides a nice platform to share knowledge but the  major problem is that it restrict the ways to earn money though your contents. Some of the problems are listed below

i) WordPress don’t allow display of the advertisements on their free blog service.
ii) The revenue generated through advertisements in the Squidoo and HubPages is shared by owner of the service.
iii) eBloggers

Because of above reason many people prefer to use their own platform to maintain their contents. By this way they they can earn a lot without sharing their revenue. Here maintaining contents on internet cost money. Earning is possible by various ways discussed later in this article.
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Paid Services:

The only way to maintain personal contents fully under your control is buying a domain and hosting it either on your own server of using some web hosting service providers. For convenience and security purpose web hosting services is always better.

1. Buy a domain: The most important aspect to start anything is theme or purpose. The name of the website/blog and its url should point out towards the niche. There are number of websites on every theme. Therefore it is possible that the name you shortlisted is not available.  In those cases, you should have many alternative names. You can check the availability of a domain on many websites like Whois, etc. Once you have finalized the domain name, you can go ahead and open an account with web hosting services. They also provides option to check the availability of a particular domain.

2. Web Hosting: The domain is just a name to identify particular website.  Two website can never have same name.  Web hosting services provides a place to store your contents. They also provide security to your data so that nobody can hack or misuse your contents. Their servers remain available 24×7 throughout year. Therefore anybody can access your contents at anytime.  There are many web hosting service providers. The comprehensive list can be seen at Blog Organization. Quality and price should be considered to select a particular web host for your website. The best choice should be web host which suited your budget without compromising quality. It is always possible to change the web host if you are not satisfied with the services.

Now you have a platform to share your knowledge with rest of the world. The next question is do you have sufficient knowledge of basic interface provided by your web host to start publishing your contents. Many people think that it is tough to maintain personalized contents without good computer skills. Such thinking is not right. Web hosts provides very user friendly interface (like Microsoft Windows OS) to start with. But you should know some software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Statusnet etc. WordPress platfom is based onCSS and HTML but you don’t need to be expert on such coding. Everything is possible even without knowing CSS and HTML language. With little efforts you can easily use WordPress. The tutorials to learn basic software/platform to share knowledge is discussed at different places on this website. As everybody has different choice and there is no platform which can be best for all. After reading those articles in this website, you can finalize your choice.

Now you have a nice platform to share your knowledge; next question is how can you earn money from your contents.

II. Different ways to earn money from your website
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Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice. It has four key players- 1) Merchant (also known as \'retailer\' or \'brand\' is the owner of any products/services), 2) network (a way to connect merchants with a person who advertise their products/services), 3) affiliate (also known as publisher is a person who publicize merchant\'s products/services) and 4) Customer (who buy the product or avail the services).

Affiliates (publishers) are generally free to choose their own marketing strategies to bring customers to ower/advertiser. Advertising over internet(e-retailer) is one of the most popular way of affiliate marketing. Owner of a particular website or blog can advertise the products/services by various ways like displaying banner, text links, e-mail marketing, writing product/service review etc. This helps to drive traffic to the partner websites/products/services.

Affiliates earn money whenever a customer buy the product or avail the service. Earning can be in the form of revenue sharing or gift. Reward are also given for diverting the visitor to merchant.

Affiliate networks are the agency/agents which connect merchants with affiliates. This market is growing very fast and also offering the secondary tier of players which simply means that affiliates (publishers) can refer the network to other affiliates and they can get some percentage of cash earn by referred affiliates. This system doesn\'t affect the earning of new affilites.

Affiliate Networks Weblinks
ClickBank Click here
Amazon Associates Click here
Google Affiliate Networks Click here
eBay Partner Network Click here
Cupid Dating Affiliate Click here
Dating Factory Affiliate Click here

Following are the important resources to master the tricks to maximize earning through affiliate marketing.

Resources Description

The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web: How to Use and Profit from Affiliate Marketing Programs

By: Bruce C. Brown (Author)

ClickBank Step by Step: Earn Money from ClickBank Today. What a great concept ClickBank is for not only the product creator and seller but also for the massive number of people that make a great living just selling other peoples products as an affiliate! This book will guide you on how to achieve your goals to become successful in this field. All you have to do is to learn the basics.

By: Mark Lyford (Author)

Affiliate Millions: Make a Fortune using Search Marketing on Google and Beyond. For more than a decade, the Internet has allowed people to make substantial amounts of money on both a full-time and part-time basis. Today, with even more online opportunities available than ever before, you can achieve a level of financial success that most people only dream about-and in Affiliate Millions, author Anthony Borelli will show you how.

By: Anthony Borelli (Author) and Greg Holden (Author)

PPC Advertising Networks

There are various way by which you can earn money through your website. However earning depends on popularity of your blog which indicates the number of visitors to your blog. PPC is one of the most popular way to earn money through blogs/websites.

PPC stands for pay per click. If the number of visitors to your website is more, the probability of clicks is more. CTR (Click Through Rate) decide the earning through this method. However there is one more aspect to this and that is CPC (Cost Per Click). Getting clicks on different advertisements placed on your website doesn\'t lead to same earning. Some advertiser like educational and financial pay more (even$ 1 for single click) per click while others (few cents). The probability of clicking is most when advertisement is related to the theme of the blog and it is properly blended into the theme of the blog. The advertisements are generally displayed through affiliate network which display the advertisements related to the theme of your blog. Theme will decide the high or low earning advertisements which you cannot control.

PPC Networks Weblinks
Chitika Click here
Bidvertiser Click here
Google AdSense Click here

Following are the important resources to understand the Internet Advertising Services.

Resources Description
Internet Advertising Services and Affiliate Networks: Adsense, Chitika, Doubleclick, Adchina, Hotchalk, Commission Junction, Isobar, Adify

The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense. Hidden on the Internet, scattered among billions of Web pages, are the clues to an incredible secret. For those who know the secret, the result is untold wealth. Each month, a small group of people put their knowledge of Google AdSense to use and receive four and five-figure checks from Google. And untold numbers of additional site owners are regularly generating supplemental income via AdSense while they play, sleep and eat.

By: Joel Comm (Author)


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