Top Paying PPC (Pay Per Click) Programs

PPC programs provide an opportunity for earn money to the publishers. Ads can be placed on the website though these programs. There is no need to search for the advertisers related to the niche area. Publishers get paid whenever a visitors click on those ads. A particular ad is displayed on the website when it is relevant to the products or services of the advertiser. Advertisers generally bid on keywords relevant to their target market. PPC programs operate under two criteria CTR (click-through-rate) and CPC (cost-per-click). CPC vary from advertiser to advertiser. Some pay very high, while others relatively very low. Ads from the particular advertiser appear only when your web content has the relevant keywords set by the advertisers. Some ads like Chitika ads appear mainly when people come to your site though search engine and the ads appears match with their search term. PPC program has potential to earn even more than millions per month.

There are two models which decide the CPC – flat-rate and bid-based. In both case advertiser has full right to decide the value of their clicks. Advertisers also consider the value of visitor coming to them after clicking. If the visitors are going to give them big returns for long term, the price of CPC will naturally be more. Therefore some ads related to education and finance pay more compared to digital devices.

Five top paying PPC programs are Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN), Microsoft adCenter(MSN AdCenter) publisher affiliate program and Chitika affiliate and Kontera affiliates.


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