Ways to Earn Money through Subscription and Membership

If the blog is informative and people find it useful, then one can earn money through subscription and membership. Following are the most popular ways to earn money by these ways.

  • Premium contents: Blogs can be very specialized and one can charge their visitors to access premium contents. Limited contents may be made freely available while premium contents can be accessed only by paid members. One can decide their own membership fee. Membership can be granted for month, year or life time. Eg. SEOMoz.
  • Private forum: Blog can include private forums to discuss various issues. One can charge membership fee to join these forums. The basic requirement to get members is real quality contents which encourage members to join forums. Eg. SEO Blackhat, Performancing.
  • Mentoring programs: People are generally willing to pay for knowledge and guidance. You can earn money in exchange of your expertise in any area. Few popular categories for which people look for guidance are teaching and finance. Eg. Teaching Sells Program of Copyblogger.
  • Offering Consultancy: If you have expertise in any area it will be visible through your blog posts. You can offer consultancy in your niche area on payment. Eg Chris Garrett

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