Ways to improve click through rate

People generally read articles on web when they want some information. Whenever readers come to your site you should engage them in such a way that more and more similar stuffs should be available in your niche area. It will increase their stay time on your blog. You should give personal touch to your visitors. You should guide your reader to go in a particular direction whenever they come to your blog. In between their journey you should put your ads. If ads are relevant to the information they want, they will definitely click. Following are some of the ways which can be used as torch bearing activity to guide your visitor to flow in a particular direction.

  • Place a picture or graphic file just above the ads. However advertising networks like Google AdSense need a border to separate ads from the graphics. Visitor’s attention will automatically be drawn towards the graphic followed by ads.
  • You should always write contents in such a way that you are talking with your visitors as friends. A visitor having the similar interest should feel it. Click will result when some relevant information is available on those ads. Otherwise they will ignore the ads.
  • Placement of the ads matter a lot. It should be well merged and overlapped with your contents. It should also not annoy the readers.
  • Your ads should appear somewhere around the content. This is the place where a reader spent most of the time. Although flow of reading should not be disturbed but the appearance of the relevant information (on ads) during the reading encourages them to click.

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