How Much Could Your Injury Be Worth?

If you’ve just fallen over a loose paving stone in the street or been hit by falling boxes at work you may be more interested in getting your injury seen by a doctor than anything else. But when you’re all fixed up wouldn’t you like to know what you could potentially gain from the situation? Namely cold hard cash? Luckily there is an entire industry of legal experts dedicated to making sure you get full and fair recompense for your unfortunate situation, especially if it was entirely not your fault. They can fight your corner against whoever it is that hold responsibility for your industry and get you compensation.

How much however depends on the severity of the injury.   Here are some typical injuries and how much they are effectively worth:   Bang on the Head   There are many situations where you might receive a knock on the head; you may work on a building site where you weren’t given a hard hat; you could get hit by some dodgy shelving put up in a shop; you could even get hit by falling debris from a roof on your high street.

  • A minor head wound could get you between £1,500-7,000. Some minor brain damage could mean you are owed £8,000- 23,500. And severe brain damage would mean you could stand to gain £155,000-220,000.

Injured Fingers We all use our fingers no matter what job we do (try and think of one where you don’t) so it is inevitable that your fingers are highly likely to get hurt in an accident. They could get burned in a kitchen; maybe crushed in a factory or even chopped off on a farm.

  • By injuring your fingers you could be due compensation anywhere from £1,000 all the way up to £75,000.

Neck and/or Back Injury Car accidents are one of the most common ways for people to injure themselves or indeed to get injured through no fault of their own. And amongst car accidents getting rear-ended is the most likely thing to cause neck or back injuries.

  • A whiplash style neck injury or even in severe cases a neck fracture would mean that your compensation might be between £1,000 and £250,000. So you better check your brake lights. Back injuries can also occur during car accidents as well as other physical work related situations (e.g. lifting heavy stuff) whereupon you may be able to claim between £4,250 and £93,000.

Now this is certainly not an excuse to go looking for accidents and a quick pay day, but it is a reminder that if you are unlucky enough to get hurt in one of these common ways, you will know the sort of compensation you could be in line for.

About Author: Debbie Fuller is a personal injury claims solicitor. She uses a personal injury calculator to work out what claims may be worth.


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