Get paid for your innovative ideas

Knowledge is the key for success in every field. Expertise in any field can be converted to lucrative sum of money. Your current profession doesn’t matter at all when it comes to the monetize your idea. There are number of online websites which give you this opportunity. These websites are act as interconnecting link between an idea and idea seeker (innovator and sponsor). Idea is with you and idea seeker needs it to for commercial benefit. You may not be able to monetize your idea by yourself because of many reason.  Your current profession, lack of investment money, lack of work force etc are few among the limitations. You should never feel helpless. Your knowledge will pay you. Following are the list of websites where you can come closer with buyer of your innovative ideas


Crowdsourcing is the main concept on which these websites works. Anybody in need of an idea/innovation ask it through these websites. All registered members  can access these requirements through their online interface. They also get regular email with details of required innovation in their field of expertise. All members are free to submit the entries and the sponsor will select best (can be more than one) among them. It also works in reverse order. You can put brief of your innovative idea. Sponsors can browse through your idea. They will contact you for full details if interested.

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