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Strategies for successful advertising the site and earning at same time

Online advertisement can be an effective way to buy traffic at cheap rate (through placing advertisements) and sell it high (through ads). Google AdWords and Yahoo Overture are the most effective to drive traffic to any site. Both allow display of your ads on top of their search results. You can choose particular keywords for targeting visitors to your website. You have to pay certain price for per click.

1. Yahoo Overture: Yahoo Overture is the way of sponsored search which allows appearance of you ads on Yahoo and number of other search engines like Metacrawler, Dogpile, Excite, iVillage etc.

Choice of proper keyword is very important to drive traffic. Otherwise you will get non-targeted visitor who are not interested in your contents and it leads to lower profit. The frequency of the appearance of advertisements depends on how much advertiser is willing to pay for that particular keyword. However same keywords can be targeted for different prices. Certain keywords have a wide range of bid prices. If your site has content related to such keywords, you can use it to target new visitors. Distribution of prices for particular keyword varies with time.

Overture provides a way to see the current values of particular keywords. It shows how much company is paying for per click on that keyword. Whatever price you get from the advertiser when a visitor clicks on those ads, you will receive only a part of the part. There is always share of the Google and Yahoo, depending on whose network you are using. They never disclose how much their share is. However on average it around 22.5%. Therefore if you offer to pay 10 cents for a click to your site for particular keyword and show ads for $2.0, then you will make $1.45 for every click [(2-(0.10+0.45), here 0.10 is decided by you while 0.45 is Yahoo’s share]. It means that you will make profit of $1.45 for every 10 cents you spend. But this calculation assumes that every visitor is going to click on the ads. It is not the case. Generally only 3-5 % visitors click on the ads. Therefore you may be at lose or profit depending on the frequency of clicks. Bid of 10 cents per click will cost you $10 for every 100 visitors. Suppose only two visitor click on the ads then you will get only $2.9 ($1.45×2) in return. Therefore you should always look for keywords where you bid price while maximum bid price is very high. Otherwise you will be at losing.

2. Google AdWords: Google ads appear on the basis of bids. Your bids should be high enough to compete. You should bid the minimum possible per click to keep your profits high. However if you expect higher returns when a visitor come to your site then you can bid more.

Google keyword tool not only show current top bids on particular keywords but it also show top bids for other similar keywords. It provides a way to bring traffic with a particular keyword and send the outward traffic (via ad) through other related high paying keyword. Except this all other things are similar between Overture and AdWords.

Any network you use for advertisements, the price you pay to get the visitor should not be less than revenue generated from such visitor. To raise the interest of the visitor on those ads you can mention about those keywords (for which advertisements are shown) in your content. As you know the keyword for which ads is displayed you can easily do this. To bring the highest paying ads you have to target particular section of your website which can display those high paying ads. It is required as all sections of your site may not have the proper keywords with high earning potential. Also try to keep the ad unit as small as possible; larger ad unit will display more ads and the difference between their CPC (cost-per-click) may be huge. This may lead to wastage of the click value.


Dating Affiliate Programs offering higher earning potential to bloggers

There are many ways by a website owner can earn the money. One of the popular way is through affiliates network. The web publisher can place the link of their affiliates on their site. Dating affiliates offer high click through rate and the web owner earn quick money by this.
Following are the list of best dating affiliates programs offering high earning.
1) Cupid plc: It offers four type of affiliate programs
a) Pay per lead program: Every signup you generate can earn you up to $16. The better the traffic the more you make.
b) Pay per sale program: One can earn up to $111 for each and every paid membership.
c) Percentage Program: This is the best of both worlds, combining per-lead and per-sale payouts. Get an amazing 90% from each and every sale and add our bonus for each confirmed registration.
d) Referral Program: Other webmasters can be encouraged to join through this program. 5% of everything a new webmster earn will be credited to the referrer.
2) Dating Factory: This is also a very popular dating affiliate program giving high returns.


Write sponsored reviews to earn money

Sponsored review is one of the popular way to earn through blogs. There are number of marketplaces which gives the opportunity to write sponsored posts on varied range of topics. The adoption of this idea depends on the willingness to get paid for writing blog post (related to specific products and websites). If the blog has a big fan list one can contact the advertiser directly to cut down the commissions of middleman. Following are the list of popular networks offering sponsored reviews and paid blogs. Opt any of these and start earning. Advertisers can also join these program for wide publicity of their products or website.


Ways to improve click through rate

People generally read articles on web when they want some information. Whenever readers come to your site you should engage them in such a way that more and more similar stuffs should be available in your niche area. It will increase their stay time on your blog. You should give personal touch to your visitors. You should guide your reader to go in a particular direction whenever they come to your blog. In between their journey you should put your ads. If ads are relevant to the information they want, they will definitely click. Following are some of the ways which can be used as torch bearing activity to guide your visitor to flow in a particular direction.

  • Place a picture or graphic file just above the ads. However advertising networks like Google AdSense need a border to separate ads from the graphics. Visitor’s attention will automatically be drawn towards the graphic followed by ads.
  • You should always write contents in such a way that you are talking with your visitors as friends. A visitor having the similar interest should feel it. Click will result when some relevant information is available on those ads. Otherwise they will ignore the ads.
  • Placement of the ads matter a lot. It should be well merged and overlapped with your contents. It should also not annoy the readers.
  • Your ads should appear somewhere around the content. This is the place where a reader spent most of the time. Although flow of reading should not be disturbed but the appearance of the relevant information (on ads) during the reading encourages them to click.

Using Google AdSense for earning money

Googlebot is a program by which Google constantly examine and read web pages. It reads keywords, language, structure and formatting of the web contents. After examining these things Google sends AdSense ads to a particular website/webpage. The related ads entice visitors to click on them. As Googlebot also examine the language of the blog, so the ads appear in that language. Google AdSense ads are available in many languages. Following are the some of the facts you should know about Google AdSense.

  • Googlebot takes time to scan the contents. Therefore older blogs have better chance of more appropriate ads. If the blog is loaded with inappropriate keywords then ads will also not match with the contents. Therefore you should always focus on the theme (niche) of the blog. You should regularly include the proper keywords in the title and contents of the post. It helps in getting more appropriate ads. But avoid adding lots of keywords without having any significance. Visitors will be annoyed by inappropriate use of keywords.
  • Author should minimize the number of graphics in the blog. AdSense prefers pages with textual materials and dislike many graphics in the same page. Larger and bold texts are given more importance compared to normal text by the Googlebot.
  • Copying the free contents available on internet can ban you from AdSense. Therefore you should avoid duplication of the information already available somewhere else.
  • If you don’t want your competitor ads to appear on your website, you can include this restriction on your account while creating the code for the ad unit.
  • AdSense simply save time of the publishers to search for the advertisers which can pay them for publicizing products related to theme of the blog.
  • The best think about the AdSense ad is that you can dedicate specific sections in the blog for those ads and then can forget about it. Subsequently you can focus on other things like making blog content rich. Therefore it is best way for getting passive income.
  • How much Google pay you for the clicks is not completely known. Google never disclose this. Traffic to your website and average number of click also matters. Some click pays in cent while other can pay in dollars. Value of ads depends on the specific topic and keywords. Google never tells which clicks get paid more. However ads related to topic like finance and education generally pay more while those related to electronics etc pay less.
  • You can use AdSense referral option. If you refer other publisher to use AdSense, you will get some percentage of money earned by those new publishers. The earning of the referred publishers will not be affected by this and your payment is not the sharing of their earned money. As Google pay you only a part of the money given by advertisers. Therefore the money you get as percentage by referring AdSense to other publisher is share of Google’s profit and not of new publisher.
  • Finally, you don’t have to play game with Google or your reader to get money. You just have to make your blog content rich. It will automatically drive traffic to your blog. Regularly updated good contents will convert random visitor into regular visitor. And more traffic is the synonyms for more clicks on ads which in turn lead to more income.

Google AdSense is not the only way to earn money by this way. Although it is most popular among advertising networks, there are number of other good options as well like Chitika, Bidvertiser etc.

Alternatively you can also earn money by affiliate marketing. It is a way to sell or promote others products and services though your blog. In that case you get paid on revenue sharing basis.