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MegaUpload Saga To Go On

Nothing in the world of online filesharing is ever going to be as straight forward as some U.S. regulators might want it to be. The recent developments in the U.S. District case against MegaUpload and its founder Kim DotCom prove that might indeed not be the case.

For one thing, the whole business is not only about the position of the German internet mogul against the U.S. Government interests. One talks here about the interests of six major Hollywood studios (the unpopular “baddies” of this unscripted court drama) who claim to have been robbed of millions of dollars they would have otherwise been bound to make from copyrighted material, but also about the interests of the Carpathia Hosting Company on whose servers a huge amount of Megaupload files are still kept.

Judge Liam O’Grady has proven sympathetic towards the plight of Carpathia Hosting who for the time being is mantaining MegaUpload’s servers at its own expense. The government’s lawyers however argued that Carpathia is not that innocent since they made about $35 million from their association with MegaUpload.

Real “innocence” actually comes in question when speaking about millions of users who have uploaded their sometimes crucial data to MegaUpload and would really not deserve to have it destroyed so that so called “justice” to be seen as having been done. This is what Judge O’Grady actually seems to have understood and that is why he invited all parts to find a solution to help the preservation of users’ content that doesn’t infringe on any copyright laws.

Easier said than done, as the sheer volume of data defies any human capacity of proper screening. If a special body of IT specialists were to be set up to rise up to the task, one would still have to consider the costs incurred on, well basically the U.S. taxpayers. It is a real Gordian Knot that as much as the government would like to cut does not seem to want to disappear so easily from the public space.
Now, where does that leave the average internet user who, after all is said and done does not stand to make, or lose, millions of dollars? In other parts of the world, like Sweden for instance, the people behind The Pirate Bay have chosen to politicize their fight, set up a party and won seats in the general elections.

What could happen in America? For the time being nobody knows, but as good stories always tend to leave the court room and end up as HBO drama series or Hollywood blockbusters, one cannot help but envisage the prospect and ultimately the irony of major studios actually making good money out of a story which at one time seemed to threaten their very cashflow, or even cashcows. If the Social Network film made a few careers in Hollywood, why not Kim And The Curse Of DotCom? America has always been in love with its gangsters, be they homegrown or imported!
The internet is the 21st Century most powerful tool and most influential medium. The “little people” behind computer keyboards, the anonymous sages who feel so at home in the chat room environment have nowadays become a force to be reckoned with.

Written by: Julieth Gonzalez, Follow Me in Mezee free chat rooms.