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Strategies for successful advertising the site and earning at same time

Online advertisement can be an effective way to buy traffic at cheap rate (through placing advertisements) and sell it high (through ads). Google AdWords and Yahoo Overture are the most effective to drive traffic to any site. Both allow display of your ads on top of their search results. You can choose particular keywords for targeting visitors to your website. You have to pay certain price for per click.

1. Yahoo Overture: Yahoo Overture is the way of sponsored search which allows appearance of you ads on Yahoo and number of other search engines like Metacrawler, Dogpile, Excite, iVillage etc.

Choice of proper keyword is very important to drive traffic. Otherwise you will get non-targeted visitor who are not interested in your contents and it leads to lower profit. The frequency of the appearance of advertisements depends on how much advertiser is willing to pay for that particular keyword. However same keywords can be targeted for different prices. Certain keywords have a wide range of bid prices. If your site has content related to such keywords, you can use it to target new visitors. Distribution of prices for particular keyword varies with time.

Overture provides a way to see the current values of particular keywords. It shows how much company is paying for per click on that keyword. Whatever price you get from the advertiser when a visitor clicks on those ads, you will receive only a part of the part. There is always share of the Google and Yahoo, depending on whose network you are using. They never disclose how much their share is. However on average it around 22.5%. Therefore if you offer to pay 10 cents for a click to your site for particular keyword and show ads for $2.0, then you will make $1.45 for every click [(2-(0.10+0.45), here 0.10 is decided by you while 0.45 is Yahoo’s share]. It means that you will make profit of $1.45 for every 10 cents you spend. But this calculation assumes that every visitor is going to click on the ads. It is not the case. Generally only 3-5 % visitors click on the ads. Therefore you may be at lose or profit depending on the frequency of clicks. Bid of 10 cents per click will cost you $10 for every 100 visitors. Suppose only two visitor click on the ads then you will get only $2.9 ($1.45×2) in return. Therefore you should always look for keywords where you bid price while maximum bid price is very high. Otherwise you will be at losing.

2. Google AdWords: Google ads appear on the basis of bids. Your bids should be high enough to compete. You should bid the minimum possible per click to keep your profits high. However if you expect higher returns when a visitor come to your site then you can bid more.

Google keyword tool not only show current top bids on particular keywords but it also show top bids for other similar keywords. It provides a way to bring traffic with a particular keyword and send the outward traffic (via ad) through other related high paying keyword. Except this all other things are similar between Overture and AdWords.

Any network you use for advertisements, the price you pay to get the visitor should not be less than revenue generated from such visitor. To raise the interest of the visitor on those ads you can mention about those keywords (for which advertisements are shown) in your content. As you know the keyword for which ads is displayed you can easily do this. To bring the highest paying ads you have to target particular section of your website which can display those high paying ads. It is required as all sections of your site may not have the proper keywords with high earning potential. Also try to keep the ad unit as small as possible; larger ad unit will display more ads and the difference between their CPC (cost-per-click) may be huge. This may lead to wastage of the click value.


Protect yourself from getting banned from Google AdSense

Google is very strict against publishers having invalid clicks. Invalid clicks results when you, your friends, your workers, your family members and kds accidently click on ads appeared on your site. Such activities are strictly against Google Policy. Google has way to figure this out and they never disclose on what ground your account is disabled. Although Google provide facility to request reactivation of the account (at least one time), but chances of reactivation are rare. They generally reply first time when you request re-activation. Then after, they generally don’t even reply to your request. And this is the end of your online advertising hope with Google. All of your efforts and to build a website financially supported AdSense end up with a mash. Although there is life after Google AdSense, but you have to do it again. Following is the message you get from google after getting banned from Google AdSense program.


Banned from Google AdSense

Banned from Google AdSense

This article is all about protecting yourself from invalid clicks. Following are the suggestions to protect you from invalid clicks.

  • Disable JavaScript: Website ads will not appear to you in your web browser while browsing internet. Read more on how to disable JavaScript. Although this method is very effective to block appearance of JavaScript based ads from AdSense and other advertising networks but many times it is painful as it block ads from all websites. You may have to enable it temporally while browsing other website. Also, same thing has to be done in all computers you own for personal use or for employees and family members wherever there is chance for invalid clicks.
  • Block Hosts files: This will prevent the loading of any AdSense ads and other chosen contextual ads on your computer. This setting will be applicable to every browser and software program you use to connect with internet. For details read, changing hosts file to prevent appearance of contextual ads.


Ideal ad unit placement blocks in blogs and websites

Placing ads in the websites and blogs is the popular way to earn money. Many website/blog owners are using Google AdSense, Chitika, Bidvertiser and other advertising networks to display ads in their website. They also use static banners from various affiliates. Traffic is the single most important factor for generating revenue. If you don’t have visitors for your website and blog there is no questions of clicks which is the key for earning money by any ways. Good traffic depends on quality contents and SEO. Here I assume that there is sufficient traffic to the website/blog but publisher is not able to motivate their visitors to click on ads. Clicks are the key to generate revenue. There are two main reasons for lesser clicks – first is an inappropriate ads and second is wrong placement of the ads. Inappropriate means not matching with the contents of the website. When you display ads from well established advertising networks like Google AdSense and Chitika, who has comprehensive list of advertisers, then question of inappropriate ads not arises. Therefore placement of ads is very important.

Ads may come in contextual, image or video formate. Whatever is the form, widely used sizes of these ads are listed below.

  • Leaderboard (728 x 90)
  • Banner (468 x 60)
  • Half Banner (234×60)
  • Button (125×125)
  • Skyscraper (120×600)
  • Wide Skyscraper (160×600)
  • Small Rectangle (180×150)
  • Vertical Banner (120 x 240)
  • Small Square (200 x 200)
  • Square (250 x 250)
  • Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
  • Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

Placement of above sized ads in your website is very important. You should add the required code in the main html/css file to streamline the appearance of ads there without doing any additional work. However you can add these ads at any place wherever you want. There are limitations on number of ads which can appear on a single page (please refer to your advertising network guidelines). Google AdSense allow maximum of 3 contextual ads per page. Placing the ads is not the only thing you should worry about. It should be placed at appropriate place. It should come as part of your website/blog contents. Following are the proven placed to add “ad blocks” having revenue generation potential.

1)       Top of the website
2)       Sidebars
3)       Start and end of the post/article
4)       Middle of the article

A sample of good placement of ad blocks is shown in following figure.

ad unit block

High earning ad unit blocks

Although placement of ads in above mentioned places has proven value, one shoe never fit all feet. There is no single formula for the success for everybody. You should always try experimenting with different locations. If some ad block is not getting sufficient clicks, you should try other locations. There is no use of wasting time continuing the wrong locations. All advertising networks provide option to put a label to particular ad unit which is embedded in the code. So you can easily track which place of your ad is getting more clicks. Regularly monitor the progress and do the needful subsequently. Ways to add label in ad codes is discussed in another article.


Write sponsored reviews to earn money

Sponsored review is one of the popular way to earn through blogs. There are number of marketplaces which gives the opportunity to write sponsored posts on varied range of topics. The adoption of this idea depends on the willingness to get paid for writing blog post (related to specific products and websites). If the blog has a big fan list one can contact the advertiser directly to cut down the commissions of middleman. Following are the list of popular networks offering sponsored reviews and paid blogs. Opt any of these and start earning. Advertisers can also join these program for wide publicity of their products or website.


Bloggers can Earn Money through PPC Advertising Networks

There are various way by which you can earn money through your website. However earning depends on popularity of your blog which indicates the number of visitors to your blog. PPC is one of the most popular way to earn money through blogs/websites.

PPC stands for pay per click. If the number of visitors to your website is more, the probability of clicks is more. CTR (Click Through Rate) decide the earning through this method. However there is one more aspect to this and that is CPC (Cost Per Click). Getting clicks on different advertisements placed on your website doesn’t lead to same earning. Some advertiser like educational and financial pay more (even$ 1 for single click) per click while others (few cents). The probability of clicking is most when advertisement is related to the theme of the blog and it is properly blended into the theme of the blog. The advertisements are generally displayed through affiliate network which display the advertisements related to the theme of your blog. Theme will decide the high or low earning advertisements which you cannot control.

The following are the most popular advertising networks in this categories.